Реквалификация организации


My account displays that it has expired. What does it mean?

If you see such a message when you try to add an item to the basket, then your account has been checked for eligibility to participate in the program more than four years ago. In this regard, we need to check and confirm the relevance of the data you specified.

An expired account does not mean that your organization has lost the status of an eligible member of the TeploDigital program. Re-qualification is a necessary process for all organizations, since the registration of which more than four years have passed.

What do I need to do?

Please confirm the correctness and relevance of the organization information as soon as possible. To do this, send us the current documentation of the organization through a special form https://pd.te-st.ru/requalification-teplodigital/.

When can I reuse my account in the program?

After we verify the documents you sent and confirm the relevance of your organization’s data, your account will expire for another two years. You will again be able to place orders and generate TechSoup keys (tokens).

If you still have questions about the requalification process, contact us through the feedback form on the website or write to teplodigital@te-st.ru, indicating the subject of the letter "Question about requalification."



Yours faithfully,

TeploDigital Team