Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder, 2-Year Subscription


Tableau Desktop Professional package - software for data analysis and visualization. Thanks to simple functionality with support for dragging and dropping objects with the mouse, the application allows users to combine a variety of dynamic tables and databases, as well as create interactive visualizations and information panels on their basis. Programming skills are optional.

Пожертвование включает в себя двухгодичную подписку для одного пользователя. Пользователь может работать с этим ПО на двух устройствах. Доступ к продукту будет заблокирован автоматически в случае непродления подписки. Более подробная информация в разделе Детали подписки.


Tableau Desktop Professional можно использовать для:

  • Экономии времени при написании отчетов
  • Повышения прозрачности перед донорами и грантодающими организациями благодаря интерактивной визуализации, которая наглядно показывает прогресс деятельности и результаты проектов
  • Автоматизации таких задач, как группировка похожих объектов, замена данных из разных полей и создание вычислений
  • Изучения настроений доноров и построения в связи с этим более эффективной маркетинговой и фандрайзинговой стратегий
  • Get fast but detailed analytics from many sources

Data skills are desirable but not required. If one of your tasks is to create dynamic tables, try this with Tableau.

Key features

  • Data preparation: Tableau can receive data from many sources, combine them together and create associations between data.
  • Compatibility:  Tableau can extract data from most well-known sources, including: Excel, Salesforce, Access and SQL. 
  • Choosing the type of visualization:  Depending on the type of data, information about them can be presented in the form of a map or histogram, a pie chart or heat map, a combined histogram, etc.
  • Dashboards: The  ability to create dashboards that display several separate visualizations at once.
  • Stories: The  ability to create books that, when working with tables and panels, will contain a sequence of actions. For correct ordering, users must mark their actions in the navigator
  • Filter: The  ability to customize the visualization so that individual pieces of data are displayed, for example, indicators of a specific region or income data.
  • Sharing: The  ability to share work for free with other users online with Tableau Public . , still images or PDF files in  Tableau Reader . 

More detailed product information is available on the Tableau website , which also includes a gallery with visualization examples.


Tableau is having those. support through a knowledge base , online training and full assistance from staff

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The administrative fee for the product is non-refundable; the product itself cannot be returned or exchanged.

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Subscription Details

System requirements Presented on the website:  Tableau system requirements .
Use of the product after a 2-year subscription period Renew a two-year subscription on the TeploDigital website before the expiration of your current subscription. Tableau will send an email reminder. mail and in the application itself 30 days before the expiration of the subscription.
Existing Subscribers Offer available to current Tableau subscribers
Trial use of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder You can use the free trial version.
Системные требования: 

Subscription Details

System Requirements See Tableau system requirements.
Continuing Service After Two Years You may renew your subscription by requesting another product through TechSoup every two years before the subscription expires. Tableau will notify you 30 days before expiration, both by email and within the product.
Existing Subscribers Eligible This offer is available to current Tableau subscribers.
Previewing Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder If you've participated in the free trial for Tableau, or previously downloaded a free trial, you can request this product to activate your trial version.

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